EC-TEL 2017

We’ll have three pieces of work to be presented in EC-TEL 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia, on 12-15 Sept.

First of all, a demo of ReaderBench, the system I’m working on, in collaboration with Mihai Dascalu, Stefan Trausan-Matu and their team of UPB (Romania), as well as Danielle McNamara (Arizona State Univ.) and Scott Crossley (Georgia State Univ.), with a focus on the textual complexity features of the system.

Secondly, a poster introducing to Semantic Boogle, a Boogle-based game for learning vocabulary which populates the grid with semantically-related words from a given stem (and relying on ReaderBench).

Thirdly, a full paper (written with Laurent Thuez, from the nurse training institute of Annecy-Genevois, France, Mihai Dascalu, and Stefan Trausan-Matu ) aiming at automatically analyzing a set of nurse students case studies. We wondered to what extent some indices from a large series of complexity measures can predict the human assessment of these case studies.

“Regarde-les tous” : Analyse de la supervision visuelle d’enseignants en classe

Le 15 février dernier j’ai mené un cours par visioconférence pour le Master IME (Ingénierie des médias pour l’éducation) de l’univ. de Poitiers.
J’y ai présenté notre recherche (réalisée avec Olivier Cosnefroy & Vanda Luengo) sur l’analyse de la supervision visuelle d’enseignants d’école élémentaire. [Diapositives]